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Introducing our new Digital Badge Programme

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! We are launching our brand new Digital Badge Programme, which is set to revolutionise the way we recognise and celebrate your achievements and skills within our organisation.


What exactly is a digital badge, you might wonder? Well, it's a web-enabled version of a credential, certification, or learning outcome that can be instantly verified online. Think of it as a modern, dynamic, and secure way to showcase your accomplishments and expertise.


To make this happen, we've teamed up with Credly, a reputable digital credentialing platform. They will help us translate your learning achievements into these digital badges, ensuring they adhere to the Open Badge Standards maintained by IMS Global. This partnership enables you to seamlessly manage, share, and validate your competencies in a digital format.The benefits of these badges are manifold. They provide you with a streamlined, trusted, and easily verifiable means to present your skills online.


Unlike traditional certificates, these badges are securely linked to verified data hosted on Credly, making them more reliable and secure. This eliminates the risk of anyone claiming your credential and associated identity.


Sharing your badge is a breeze with Credly. You can easily share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, via email, on websites, or even in your email signature.


We believe our Digital Badge Program will be a game-changer for your professional recognition and growth within our organisation. Keep an eye out for more updates and badge-earning opportunities coming your way soon!