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How a Pulse Oximeter can help fight Covid-19

It has been reported that Covid-19 patients have presented to hospital with a significant drop in their blood oxygen levels, also known as silent hypoxia. Our fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth connection can be used as a home monitoring tool to effectively show when blood oxygen levels decrease beyond normal levels.


What are the correct blood oxygen levels?

The normal oxygen level in the blood is between 95% and 100%. A symptom of Covid-19 is low levels of oxygen saturation in the blood. It has been reported that Covid-19 patients have been admitted to hospital with oxygen levels as low as 70%. When the oxygen level drops below 93% or 94%, patients should speak to their GP. If the oxygen levels fall below 92%, patients could be at a greater risk of dying. The NHS has advised that medical intervention is needed immediately when blood oxygen levels begin to fall below 92%, and patients should go to A&E urgently.

What is a Pulse Oximeter and how can it help fight Covid-19?

The oxygen levels in the blood can be measured using our Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. This small device attaches to your finger and tells the user how much oxygen is in their blood. Fannin’s Pulse Oximeter is Bluetooth powered and automatically synchronizes blood oxygen level readings to a linked smartphone. Even if you do not feel breathless, your oxygen levels may be low, and if they continue to drop, you may fall seriously ill. A pulse oximeter can detect these changes before it is too late. Doctors in the UK recommend having a pulse oximeter at home for many reasons, including improvement in survival rates, decreased length of stay for hospital admissions and a reduction of pressure on the emergency services.

How should I use a Pulse Oximeter?

The NHS recommends that a person who is displaying Covid-19 symptoms or a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 should record their blood oxygen levels 3 times daily to help monitor any deterioration in health. Fannin’s Pulse Oximeter can be used at home by both adults and children . Studies in the UK have shown that the device can be potentially life-saving and medics recommend that households purchase one to continuously monitor oxygen levels in the blood in the fight against Covid-19.



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