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iPRO Elite - Reduce the Risk of Foreign Body Aspiration

In 2014, over 2.7 million patients in the UK had surgery under general anaesthesia. The common practice is to tape the patient’s eyelids closed using adhesive tape; however, a recently National Safety Action Notice issued by the NHS highlighted the risk of foreign aspiration during induced intubation, advanced airway management or ventilation. 

The iPRO single-use eye protector is made of a light, translucent material with a blue tab to help with placement and act as a visual aid. It also has a solid opaque release liner to reduce the risk of foreign body aspiration (FBA). The blue tab and white liner, along with careful monitoring, can significantly reduce the likelihood of misplacing the release liner.

iPRO can be easily applied to the patient's eye during induced anaesthesia, enabling the orbital area to remain in its pre-surgery condition. Its single-use nature unlike tape, limits the risk of cross-contamination. Simultaneously, its non-adhesive tab allows the clinician to remove and alter the protector's positioning easily. The mild adhesive significantly reduces the risk of corneal abrasion and skin tears while keeping the eyes closed.

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What are our customers saying about the iPRO ELITE Eye Protectors?

  • 8 out of 10 clinicians found iPRO Elite better than previous products/methods used for eye protection.
  • 97% rated their overall impression of iPRO as excellent or very good
  • 97% of the clinicians who evaluated the product would use it again

What are the Benefits of Using iPRO Elite?

Infection Control: Surgical adhesive tapes can be seen to cause bacterial infections and a potential reservoir for fungi. These tapes are generally stored in a common area used by multiple clinicians. A 2012 study found that 11 out of 21 tape batches that were tested for MSRA and VRE were contaminated. The iPro Elite developed by Fannin is packed in a closed box, on convenient single-use sheets which helps lower the risk of contamination in comparison to rolls of tape. 

Reduces The Risk of FBA: Foreign body aspiration can occur if loose items are unintentionally introduced into the airway during intubation, ventilation or advanced airway management. This can lead to partial or complete airway blockage or obstruction, and if the cause is not suspected, can be fatal. The blue tab and white liner, along with careful monitoring, can significantly reduce the likelihood of FBA occurring.

Prevents Skin Abrasion: Medical adhesive skin injury is a post-surgery complication that affects around 1.5 million patients per annum. Common injuries include dermal bruising, skin tears, irritation of the skin and the possible removal of eyelashes. The iPro Elite helps avoid these injuries as it is the only eye protector that uses a gentle silicone adhesive, allowing for easy application and removal for clinicians.

Reduces The Risk of Corneal Abrasion: Around 60% of patients do not close their eyes completely during surgery. This results in the cornea being exposed to air which can become dry. When the cornea is dry, it can stick to the inside of the eyelid, possibly leading to abrasion of the eye. An abrasion of the eye can also occur if something rubs against the eye during the procedure. The iPro Elite can avoid corneal abrasions as the mild silicone adhesive allows the clinician to easily apply and alter the positioning of the protector, which helps to keep the eyes closed throughout the surgery.

As the number of FBA's increase, an alternative and safer method to surgical taping are the iPro Elite eye protectors which provide a superior method of surgical eye care.

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