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Benefits of the COMFI-FIX Eco-Friendly Mask Extender

COMFI-FIX Email SnippetAs a result of COVID-19, we have seen an exponential increase in the use of face masks. Global shortages have been met with an increase in the number of face coverings being produced and subsequently worn by healthcare professionals. The most significant rise was in the production of the masks with ear-loops. These types of masks are designed for occasional – short term usage. However, most healthcare staff are now wearing these masks all-day-everyday. As a result, many healthcare professionals are experiencing discomfort and even tissue damage behind their ears. Our COMFI-FIX Eco-Friendly Mask Extender could be a solution to many of the issues’ healthcare professionals are facing when wearing ear-loop design masks.

Imagery - Back ShotThe Benefits:

Reduce ear discomfort: The Comfi-Fix Eco-Friendly Mask Extender is double-sided, offering flexible strap positioning with three different sizes to fit your mask securely with an extension length of 145mm. This can help to relieve the painful pressure of face mask ear loops and reduce irritation behind the ears.

Sustainable alternative: A key benefit of using the Comfi-fix mask extender is that it is the only sustainable mask extender. It is made from 100% recyclable cardboard instead of plastic, making it the most environmentally friendly disposable mask extender you can use.

Infection prevention features: Some other mask extenders available on the market are reusable, which increases the risk of contamination as they are used continuously. The Comfi-fix is a single-use extender which reduces the risk of cross-infection, by avoiding the need to re-use or clean your mask extender. Comfi-fix ensures one less hygiene procedure for our healthcare professionals to think about.

Cost-effective: The COMFI-FIX mask extender is a cost-effective alternative in comparison to other plastic and reusable mask extenders, as it is less then £0.10 per extender.

To purchase a box of the mask extenders please click the button below, or you can read more about our mask extenders by downloading the COMFI-FIX eco-friendly mask extender brochure.


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