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Fannin Ltd Exclusive Distributor of MyBio Self Testing Kits in Ireland

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with MyBio aimed at providing the opportunity for people to take more responsibility for their own health. The partnership will combine the strengths of both companies to bring greater access to innovative and easy-to-use self-testing kits that can detect health issues within minutes from the comfort of one’s own home.

The MyBio™ at home self-testing kits are tailored for women and men of all ages with a focus on general health, digestive health and family planning. The initial range will include tests for Iron DeficiencyVitamin D level, Thyroid Stimulating HormoneAllergy MarkersOccult Feacal BloodFaecal CalprotectinH. PyloriOvulationPregnancyEarly PregnancyVaginal pHMale FertilitySperm ConcentrationProstate Specific Antigen and Menopause.

Patrick Tehan, General Manager of Pharma Ireland: We are very pleased to be partnering with MyBio™ to bring their range of MyBio™ self-testing kits to retail pharmacies in Ireland. The MyBio™ Ireland range is a perfect fit for Fannin’s Community Medical Division. As the market leading provider of high-quality medicines and medical products, Fannin already has a strong presence in the retail pharmacy sector in Ireland. We are excited to bring these products to the market and to build a strong working relationship with MyBio™ Ireland.”

Michael Corr, Head of International Business Development at MyBio™: This is a significant step forward in MyBio’s mission to make it easier for people to take control of their health and wellbeing, and through this partnership we will continue expanding the range of self-tests.

Our ultimate goal as a life science company, empowered with Fannin’s market access, is to enhance human health by providing the public with the ability to perform at-home self-tests while having the pharmacists available to offer their expertise and support if needed.”